Thursday, February 28, 2008

Update: Mars Alien/Rock photo is the astrological symbol for Aquarius

Why more people are not coming forward about this, I do not know. It is plain as day for those who know what Aquarius signs and symbols look like. We also happen to be in Aquarius for horoscopes and supposedly are moving towards or are already in the Age of Aquarius in the larger astrological cycle of things.

This nut says that George Washington was never actually President of the United States

It was impossible for George Washington to be President of the United States.

The nut also says that George W. Bush isn't president and that none of the current candidates can become president.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Argentina keeps it in the family

Argentina supposedly elected first lady Cristina Fernandez to take the job of her husband. She refused to debate and traveled the world to shop and meet with "world leaders" while the people of her country sat in poverty and crime-riddled cities. Her opposition refuses to concede defeat, claiming an unprecedented amount of fraud.

Fun with fart hammers part 2 - American Stinker

A fine fellow named Rick Moran over American Stinker is upset because the Paul campaign paid money for services to an individual that doesn't believe in the same things he does. Here at Smoke Cocktail what Mr. Moran has done is known as fart chasing. Mr. Moran and Mr. Morrissey seem to enjoy chasing farts while searching for that elusive turd so they can hammer it and smear crap on Ron Paul. It must be frustrating for Mr. Moran and Morrissey to have to hammer so many farts without ever coming across a turd. The joke is on them. There is no turd.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fun with fart hammers

I can't help but wonder if should be renamed to Sometimes that site is a just like a fart machine online. They definitely have the highest fart rate of any website I can think of. ALLAHFARTCHASER might as well be renamed FART HAMMER for the way he/she sniffs out farts and hammers them to create a fart spray. Other fart sniffers then trap that fart spray in a bottle or jar so they can release that fart in the face of other people who must like to have their face farted in. Notice in the comment section (fart list) that the Fartbomb fart-chasers even delve into the topic of baby farts. I'm sure that they won't find this a funny fart joke. Oh well.

Church gets behind Britney, Idol really does give back.

Taking a break from the usual, a Christian Church is getting behind curvy pop-star Britney Spears. (Photo)

It turns out that giving money to "Idol Gives Back" may have actually been worth it. Here is an impressive list of charities that money went to. Now just think how much more effective charities could be if governments and churches didn't ignite so much war and disease, so much oppression around the world.

San Diego is still burning. There is no word yet as to when the space shuttle is going to remove the magnifying glass from that area and give those people some rest.

Make the Republican Presidential Candidates Address Medical Marijuana

I mentioned a few days ago that Glove Romney needs to clarify his medical marijuana stance as he would not be able to shake Clayton "You Gotta" Holdon "Me" and other marijuana advocates. Now it appears as if is trying to take the issue a step further and raise awareness as to actually get a response from the circus. I will say that I don't think medical marijuana should even be THE issue. The government doesn't have the right to criminalize a plant or the people who consume it, period. I am not a product of the federal, state or local government.

Turkey is accusing the European Union of harboring terrorists. I am hard pressed to name a country that doesn't harbor terrorists. Can you name one, honestly?

Britney Spears ran over a foot as she left a Los Angeles medical facility. The sock, complete with tire mark, went for $1,000 on EBay.

The United States reportedly tops the list of SPAM countries, by a wide margin. It's not all from Ron Paul fans. Many "spammers" are suspected to be CIA stooges out gathering email addresses, zip codes and birthdates for the Total Information Awareness database. Much of this may be done by "the machine" without using actual human spammers. Yes, the Internet clogs its own tubes. Other SPAM rackets are rumored to be run by organized crime syndicates, which these days may consist of a few pimply-faced teenagers or a room full of Russian-Israeli mobsters. You didn't hear any of this from me though.