Sunday, October 28, 2007

Argentina keeps it in the family

Argentina supposedly elected first lady Cristina Fernandez to take the job of her husband. She refused to debate and traveled the world to shop and meet with "world leaders" while the people of her country sat in poverty and crime-riddled cities. Her opposition refuses to concede defeat, claiming an unprecedented amount of fraud.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mate, writing to you from the UK...

Just read one of your comments on The Liberty Pages on the Ron Paul/Alex Jones $1300 affair. Had to leave a note to congratulate you on using the phrase "..seeing all the fart chasers waft through hot air in search of a turd to fling..."

I'll be squeezing that line into a conversation at my very earliest opportunity!

PS Does Mr Paul have a brother he could send over here...we're desperately in need of some political choice!!!

Anonymous said...

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