Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cancer rates rise in Iraq due to wars, Laura Bush goes over to raise awareness about it

After two wars in Iraq caused by Bush Administrations, cancer rates have skyrocketed in the country. Now first-lady Laura Bush has made a trip to the Middle East to raise awareness about breast cancer in women.

"Since 1991 the number of children born with birth deformities has quadrupled," said Dr. Janan Hassan, who runs a children's clinic at a hospital in Basra in southern Iraq. "The same is the case for the number of children under 15 who are diagnosed with cancer. Mostly, it is leukemia. Almost 80 percent of the children die because we neither have medicine nor the possibility to give them chemotherapy."

Doctors have also recorded an extreme rise in cancer cases among adults. "In 2004 we diagnosed 25 percent more cancer cases than the year before and the mortality rate increased eight-fold between 1988 and 1991," said Dr. Jawad al-Ali of the Sadr Hospital in Basra.

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