Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Politics, Terrorism and Gayness

A mistrial has been declared in the U.S. prosecuted Holy Land terrorism financing case. Is Zacharias still the only one that's been found guilty?

Osama bin Laden released a tape calling for less violence among tribes in Iraq and saying that the interest of an Islamic nation is more important than that of a state. Violence drops. It doesn't have anything to do with the upcoming election though, promise.

Time released an article online in which the author whines about the timing of the news that Albus Dumbledore is/was gay. First off, he's a fictional character. Secondly, do we have to declare our sexual preferences in public now? I like big butts. Hey I guess that did feel kinda good. It's out in the open. Phew. Last but not least, don't look to fictional characters or politicians and hope to find a good role model. You'll be disappointed 9 times out of 10. Be your own good role model.

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